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Successfully shaping a meaningful future with heart and mind


Vision Without Action is Merely a Dream
Action Without Vision Passes the Time
Vision With Action Can Change The World

Joel Arthur Barker

So let's change the World. Dream Big!

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Existential Leadership

New leadership awareness with the 7 leadership keys by Mindtrain. Healthy, effective leadership in the digital and green revolution.

People • Emotions • Results

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From the present to the future

Transformation with a fun factor in the digital and green revolution.


Experience • Methods • Mindset

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Sustainable business models

Ways to sustainable business models without blah blah blah. Through experience from the network.

Simply make sense!

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Peacemakers in everyday life

We help to recognise conflicts and help to resolve them and release the bound energy.

Resolving conflicts sustainably

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Lifelong learning

We support your personal development and that of your organisation.

Skill up your life!

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