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From the present to the future

Every change is joy

Every change is a challenge.


It doesn't have to be. If you see resistance as 'normal' and instead of fighting it, you respond to it. Understand and manage the dynamics of resistance. 

But be careful. It could be fun!

Some people resist change because the status quo provides security. Some people need change because otherwise it is monotonous for them. That is human. Only when I know the background to both attitudes can I take (almost) everyone with me in a transformation.


There are many reasons to go into transformation. Market development, digital revolution, AI, etc. Dealing with constant change is becoming a core business skill.

Many consultants use their methods to structure change processes. Mindtrain goes one step further. We pick up the people first and then organise the change all the faster with (almost) all those affected.


Resistance addressed at the beginning, energy gained for the change. And it can also be fun!

Transformation services

  • Preparing groups for change

  • Initialise and accompany projects

  • Channelling group dynamics

  • Uncovering resistance

  • Resolving conflicts

  • Best placement

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Your path to sustainable business models

Project coaching and support, group and team development, workshops, cultural development, mediation and conflict coaching, bestplacement

Physical and hybrid

Project meetings & workshops, 1:1 mentoring, group sparring, transformation programmes, trainings


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