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About us

We have the tools, you have the blank page. Together we make art. Mindtrain enables a change of perspective, gives fresh impulses, provokes bold ideas and accompanies reorientation. We enrich everyday management and encourage people to break patterns. From experience.

Our activities often involve personal or confidential information. Therefore, we keep all customer feedback and testimonials confidential by presenting them anonymously. Your privacy and confidentiality are important to us.

S.U. / Business Manager

"The question came up for me in professional terms: Dead end or wooden road? Am I still in the right place? Am I even in the right industry? What can and do I want at all? I was spinning in circles and was extremely happy about the exchange with David Bärtsch. His attentive listening and critical questioning meant that I was able to find an answer to my questions very quickly. That, in turn, encouraged me to make a new start and take a big leap in my career that I wouldn't have thought possible before."

P.S. / Business Manager

"I enjoyed going to the always interesting and insightful mentoring sessions with David Bärtsch, as he took the time to understand my situation and that of the organization. Based on this, we then worked very individually under his professional lead on my issues, which then led to successful actions. His empathetic, relaxed but focused manner was the basis for a very trusting atmosphere that enabled openness. I am grateful to David and can only recommend him."

T.S. / CEO

"Exciting webinar with a lot of info on how I can openly deal with the taboo topic of conflict management!

The modules offered let a lot of personal experience shine through! David Bärtsch is a competent contact here."

S.O. / Business Managerin

"In a positive sense, the mentoring went differently than I expected - I learned a lot about myself and realized which changes are necessary in order to be more successful. David Baertsch's attentive, empathetic manner contributed decisively to this realization and helped me embark on an exciting journey. His years of experience make him a skilled coach and guide."

I.G. / Coach, Supervisorin

"I felt very well guided and advised by David Bärtsch during the entire individual coaching, in a competent, empathetic, professional and calm manner.

David Bärtsch has the gift to say something at the right moment and also to keep silent at the right moment. Thank you very much, I will gladly turn to David Bärtsch again if needed."

P.S. / Department Head

"The mentoring has strengthened me personally, motivated me and I was able to take away approaches that I can apply and implement on a daily basis.

I was able to take away much more from the mentoring process than I expected and can highly recommend Mindtrain."

N.B. / Department Head

"Comprehensive advice, concrete results, genuinely competent and very strong on a personal level, really recommendable!"

S.H. / HR Business Partner

"We appreciate the clear and direct way of communicating with David Bärtsch. In addition, he is very good at grasping our needs, putting them into the appropriate context and developing suitable individual solutions. Many thanks for the cooperative collaboration."

A.F. / Personnel Consultant RAV

"Our client describes David Bärtsch as a mentor, a spiritual support and advisor in professional or personal matters.

We are thrilled with the progress our client has been able to make thanks to David Bärtsch's help. We thank him for the support and empowerment that our client is now empowering himself !"

K.M. / Executive & Entrepreneur

"In my new role as team leader, I always felt under enormous pressure, which I had of course imposed on myself, but which kept me up at night. David Bärtsch was recommended to me by a friend, and so I agreed to a coaching session. This, although I myself have a training as a business coach and therefore went there quite critically. Well, I thought to myself, "if it doesn't help, it certainly won't hurt". In the course of the individual sessions, however, I felt more and more how something in me began to change. How valuable the work of David Bärtsch is, I now realize little by little. I am enthusiastic and always happy to recommend him to others. Because with his absolutely neutral, non-judgmental approach and the meticulous application of the coaching tools, he made it possible for me to fully and trustingly engage with everything. Since then a lot has happened in my "head-heart-system". I am convinced that David Bärtsch's work will make a valuable contribution to my future success. Thank you very much!"

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