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Sustainable business models

Simply make sense.

Let's be honest!
We have long recognised that the linear economy, which we still largely practice, robs the earth, society and ultimately companies of the basis for their existence.

Sustainable business models are sometimes like resolutions to lose weight. You know that you should do it and you know in principle how to do it. But you don't put it into practice.


Together with its partners in the network, Mindtrain shows you the paths to sustainable business models - and supports you in their implementation.

We help you to recognise potential and opportunities, realign your personal and organisational mindset and achieve initial success in projects in a simple, pragmatic way. And to get to the point quickly.

'Just do it together'.

Our services

  • Inspiring impulses

  • Vision & strategy with a pull effect

  • Individual potential and solution analysis

  • Pragmatic project initiation and implementation

  • New sustainability culture (also bottom up)

  • Moving leadership mentoring

  • Sparring in the circular economy

  • Transformation that is fun

  • Stable, resilient organisation

  • Exciting trainings

Engaging partners

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Your path to sustainable business models

Keynote speeches, analyses, project initiation and support, training, workshops, mentoring & sparring.

Physical and hybrid

Workshops, ad interim and project assignments, accompanying training for managers and management teams


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