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New leader awareness

7 Leadership keys

The times in which 'command & control' management was the measure of all things are definitely over.

Generation Y and Z are (rightly) demanding a different approach to leadership, as the pandemic has shown.

Today, a leader must be one thing above all else. Human. Because today we reach people through inspiration and stimulation. Especially in times of digital and green transformation.


Mindtrain accompanies leaders in their development towards existential leadership. Healthy effective leadership.


  • Relate and inspire

  • And yet direct and execute

  • Coaching instead of exercising power

  • Mastering transformation and making coherent decisions

  • Be successful and yet be yourself

It can sometimes be lonely in top management functions or in the role of lead specialist.

  • Who is there to get the best out of me?

  • Who can I exchange ideas with?

  • Who will hold up a mirror to me?

  • Who gives me inspiration?

Your contact at Mindtrain is here!

Our services for company conductors.

  • 1:1 Leadership Mentoring

  • Leadership-Trainings

  • Executive Coaching

  • Sparring

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Your path to sustainable business models

Positioning and vision development. Mentoring packages 3, 6 and 12 months or on demand. Coaching packages 3, 6 and 10 sessions or on demand. Training duration depending on the topic.

Physical and hybrid

Individual 1:1 mentoring for leaders, training solutions for managers and management teams


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