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Source of inspiration

With whom do I discuss my topics as a board member or CEO, managing director or personality?

How do I develop myself as a person and manager?

Where do I get my inspiration from?

How do I manage to maintain my balance?


It can sometimes be lonely in the top management position and as a specialist.

Who is there to get the best out of you?

Who can you compare notes with and measure yourself against?

Who holds up a mirror to me?

Who can provide inspiration?

Mindtrain is here! As a source of inspiration and as a co-designer of your entrepreneurial awareness!


The right tools for corporate conductors

  • Positioning and personal vision

  • Existential Leadership Mentoring

  • Self Leadership Training

  • Sales mentoring

Flexible with Mindtrain - with mentoring subscriptions or mentoring on demand.

Mindtrain Leadership Mentoring follows Mindtrain's SOURCE model. It combines the best of systemic mentoring and neuro-leadership with targeted personality and leadership development.

Leader in balance - with Mindtrain..

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Your mentoring ingredients

Positioning and vision development. Mentoring packages 3, 6 and 12 months or on demand. Coaching packages 3, 6 and 10 sessions or on demand. Training duration depending on the topic.

Physical, online and hybrid

Individual 1:1 mentoring for leaders

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