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We challenge you

Imagine you had a training partner with whom you could act out and practise professional situations and challenges. A specialist who will push you further and increase your motivation.

Mindtrain is your sparring partner and challenger!

Navigation in stormy times!
The board of directors, together with the CEO, is responsible for the vision and strategy. They take care of the direction of the company, the common journey. The management is on the bridge, is in the cockpit, provides the atmosphere and sets the pace.

Always wind beneath your wings with Mindtrain!

Mindtrain helps with navigation!


  • Mission and strategy development

  • Innovation workshops

  • Development as a leadership team

  • Culture development programmes

  • Bestplacement

  • Sales sparring

  • Transformation support

  • Keynote speeches / Key notes

Flexible with Mindtrain - with sparring subscriptions or sparring on demand.

Mindtrain's sparring follows the SOURCE Model for companies. Along the model, we develop the vision, the mission statement, assess the current situation, identify the need for action and implement measures in a targeted manner.

So that you can implement your visions with energy.

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The ingredients for your sparring program

Workshops 1 - 2 days or on demand.  Sparring packages 3, 6 and 12 months or on demand. Coaching packages and project support. Impulses / keynotes 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Physical, online and hybrid

Sparring programs for business performance and leadership teams

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