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The Mindtrain Source model

Source for development

Mindtrain has developed the SOURCE model to accompany people and organisations holistically. Orientation, alignment, innovation and agility.


SOURCE stands for:


  • Source

  • Opportunities

  • Update

  • Resources

  • Challenge

  • Energy

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With the source model  we look into 5 rooms, areas.

You want more about the Mindtrain SOURCE model  and its application? Then get in touch NOW and arrange an information meeting.


The mind trainSOURCE model  is the guide for our customer work. With it, we are pursuing the goal of recording and analyzing the initial situation of our customers, be it as an individual or as an organization (position determination). We work in 5 dimensions, describing the initial situation, who and what we are.

  • Space of identity / source space (who, what)

  • Space of Possibilities (where, vision, goal)

  • Room of resources (with what, resources)

  • Room of Challenges (Obstacles)

  • Room of updates (development potential)

The Mindtrain SOURCE model for sustainable personality-  and corporate development combines the effect of systemic consulting with findings from neuro-leadership - and combines both with the best practices from classic corporate development.

Existing information and results (e.g. existing models, analyses, etc.) flow into this process so that we can work out the results together as efficiently as possible.

If necessary we will add the SOURCE model  with the company analysisISO 22316 (organizational resilience).

In mentoring and sparring, we also use approaches from systemic coaching and neuro-leadership.

Identify causes, initiate sustainable development and recharge your batteries with theSOURCE modelby Mindtrain.

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