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Mediation / conflict management

Release energy

Conflicts are full of energy. Energy that cannot be invested in realising the goals.

Conflicts are like a fire brigade. The sooner a fire can be extinguished, the greater the chance of preventing a conflagration.


Dealing with conflicts is a management responsibility. Because unresolved conflicts lead to ...


  • Disruptions in the course of action, in work processes

  • Restriction of the ability to act as an individual, as a team or as an organisation

  • Pressure to find a solution

  • Desire for reorientation with the ultimate wish to leave the situation

  • Tendency to escalate

... and therefore run counter to the company's objectives.


Mindtrain offers mediation and conflict management:

  • Impulses for mediation and conflict management

  • Mediation / Conflict resolution

  • Conflict coaching

  • Training 'Conflict Management Basics'

  • Training 'Leader as conflict manager'

  • Training 'HR support in conflict situations'

Mediation is based on the so-called consensus model. This means that the parties to the conflict want to reach a consensus themselves.


Conflict solutions based on the consensus model are usually ...

  • more sustainable

  • enable further collaboration

  • even weld together

  • are achieved faster

  • costs less

Image by Afif Ramdhasuma

The ingredients for your training

Preparatory meeting with all parties, mediation sessions in the group or individually (shuttle), joint definition of solutions as far as possible.

Physical, online on request

We also offer training solutions on the topic of conflict management for managers, employees and HR staff.

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