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People Emotions Results

Do you recognise yourself in one or more of these statements?

  • You have the feeling that there is more to be done in the company, in the department.

  • You believe that the company's vision and strategy are no longer up to date.

  • You would like to make your working models more up-to-date, but you don't know exactly how.

  • You feel that the company is organisationally too cumbersome.

  • You are of the opinion that the company's organisation is haphazard.

  • You have a 'garden spot' mentality.

  • The number of conflicts is increasing noticeably.

  • You feel that the organisation is running out of juice.

  • You have more and more unmotivated employees.

  • The employees do not behave as the management expects.


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You want to make an impact, achieve one or more of the following results!

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Vision: Your mission statement is clear and communicated to customers, partners and employees in an understandable way.

Strategy: Your strategy is based on the mission statement, the market and customer needs and is clearly communicated.

Plan: You have a well-coordinated strategic and operational plan.

Overview: You keep track of developments, trends, results and the organization.

Culture: Behavior in the company is aligned with the goals and supports psychological security.

Team: The teams in your company are performing excellently.

Focus: The teams and people in the company keep the focus on the task, there are few distracting conflicts.

Structure: The structure, the business model is flexible, agile and always aligned with the vision and the strategy.

Roll: The roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, coordinated and coordinated.

Processes: The processes in the company are efficient, the employees work effectively.

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