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MindPower for Leader

Your Key to success

Development programme as an experience

You are a leader and want to position yourself as a leader and inspiring role model.

You want to achieve even more sustainable impact in your everyday leadership through the 7 keys for successful leaders and take yourself, your team and your environment to the next level.


Then the MindPower programme for leaders is right for you.

The 7 keys for modern, successful leaders

  • Going into relationship

  • Steering with freedom

  • Execute and take responsibility

  • Stimulating, putting meaning at the centre

  • Coaching and empowering

  • Innovate creatively, see failure as an opportunity

  • Thrive as people and organisation with a growth mindset

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2 training modules of 1 1/2 days each in a group of 8-12 participants.

MODULE 1 - FR 28th & SA 29th OF APRIL:
Reality, thinking & mindset, system 'human', vision and values, action board 'vision', 7 leadership keys.

MODULE 2 - FR 2nd & SA 3rd OF JUNE:

Obstacles, existing resources, development potential and risks, Actionboard 'Strategy', Buddy-Work

Info sessions in German (free & online)

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Perhaps you have already read or heard about the fact that one's own thinking is decisive for successfully achieving goals or failing at them. In the currently demanded leadership styles such as transformational leadership, a so-called fixed mindset is a hindrance and prevents development and progress.

In the course of the industrial revolutions, Western society has increasingly relied on methods, concepts and techniques over the past decades. The potential of one's own mindset or one's own mindset has been forgotten. Since the 1990s, and especially through current brain research, we are rediscovering how important a brain-friendly working environment and leadership behaviour is for the success of a company.


This is why Mindtrain has developed the MindPower programme for leaders. We combine insights from Neuroscience for Business with vision and strategy development and personality development.

You can find all the information on our MindPower flyer.

The ingredients for your training

2 training modules of 1 1/2 days each in a group of 8-12 participants.

MODULE 1 - FR 30 March & SA 1 April:
Reality, thinking & mindset, system 'human', vision and values, action board 'vision'.

MODULE 2 - FR 28 & SA 29 APRIL:

Obstacles, existing resources, development potential and risks, Actionboard 'Strategy', Buddy-Work

Info sessions in German (free & online)

Physical (seminar hotel around lake of Zurich, place to be announced)
Language = German

Special price Fr. 7'335.- / person plus VAT.
(incl. accommodation and meals, 2 reflection sessions with a Mindtrain mentor and many links and references to additional material.).

Ask for company arrangements and implementation in English.

Training experience for leaders. Also available as in-house training.

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After the MindPower development experience ...

  • you have a clear position and goals in your leadership function

  • you have identified where you want to build on your existing behaviour and create new desired behaviour

  • you have found each of the keys for successful leaders and integrated them into your key bundle

  • you have consolidated and strengthened your impact as a leader.

  • you have got to know yourself better

  • you have set yourself apart from mediocrity and are on your way to leadership excellence

  • you are able to keep the focus on what is relevant

  • you are more resilient in dealing with pressure and stress

  • you are more relaxed and focused in meeting the demands of the work environment such as constant change, digitalisation, new trends, the consequences of the pandemic, crises, Generation X, new social requirements, etc.

The experience is limited to 12 participants. A minimum of 8 participants is required for the experience to take place.

Secure your place now!

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Your Mindtrain mentors

David Bärtsch

Mentor, organisational developer and mediator

David brings over 25 years of experience in Global Corporates in technical and people management roles. He has led and facilitated large global transformation and lean programmes as a team leader, change agent and organisational developer. As a coach and newplacement specialist, he has guided many people in realignment and repositioning. He knows the importance of a good corporate culture. His know-how and experience in neuroscience for business and systemic business coaching, together with his organisational development skills, form the basis for the MindPower programme.

  • LinkedIn

Roman Bärtsch

People expert, sales expert, trainer

Roman has a feel for people in the sales process. This has made him successful in his 20-year career as a sales specialist. Regardless of the product, he manages to gain access to customers, to see people and to build trust. Being a leader:in also means showing up and selling. Through his experience, he is your sparring partner as a mentor in dealing with people.

  • LinkedIn

Massimiliano Spennato

Motivator, Solution Finder & Provocateur

Massimiliano looks back on over 20 years in global corporates and service companies. The business analyst in him has an eye for situations and solutions. The marketing specialist recognises stories. As a senior consultant for Master Data & Marketing Solutions, he can see connections and make new ones. Massimiliano stays with you on issues as your mentor.

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