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The mindtrain story

People • emotions • results

Digitalisation is an important driver for transformation! Technological and also social development steps are following each other ever faster. The pandemic and crises have intensified this trend. Companies and personalities are challenged.

Our vision

We have the vision that in the fast-moving times we humans - you and I - manage to keep the focus and the overview. That we know our limits and possibilities, that we know our personality. And that we use resources and methods in everyday life that enable us to quickly adapt our innate way of thinking and behaviour patterns to change. Without feeling stress. And that we combine being human with emotions and the required results into a coherent whole.


To accompany you as the successful person of tomorrow today and to initiate development. Through mindset work, personality and leadership development, organisational and team development.


We make you shine.

Read the whole Mindtrain story in this document.

Our mission

Mindtrain enables a change of perspective, gives fresh impulses, provokes bold ideas and accompanies reorientation. We enrich everyday management and encourage people to break patterns. New thinking, new behaviour, new perspectives, new impulses for new management.


Clarify orientation - strengthen innovative power and flexibility - dare to do it!

With mindtrain

The Mindtrain culture

Mindtrain follows the principle of a 'purpose-driven' organisation. Our actions are focused on purpose, not primarily on profit maximisation.


Our customers, employees, suppliers and partners experience us as a


  • part of their network / 'family' / ecosystem

  • qualified and service / result oriented (result before method)

  • trustworthy and reliable

  • demanding and supportive

  • authentic


Successfully develop - work - live together.


The mindtrain behaviour is characterised by

  • openness

  • honesty

  • challenging each other (in the matter)

  • Service and quality orientation


We address conflicts and disagreements openly and understand crises and conflicts as opportunities for development.


Our relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and partners are always at eye level. We create and live (temporary) ecosystems. Always aligned with meaning / purpose.

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